1. News from Minkner & Partner


Only minor restrictions on Mallorca


Prime Minister Armengol is currently reluctant to impose tougher restrictions and wants to wait and see how the current measures work. The most important of the new restrictions is that between 1.00 am and 6.00 am at night no persons may meet who do not belong to the same household. This restriction is the empowering basis to break up young people's night parties on the beach or in industrial neighbourhoods and to impose heavy fines for violations. In addition, the government is thinking about allowing only vaccinated and recovered people, but not those who have been tested, to enter restaurants and events - a similar discussion is going on in Germany. Prime Minister Armengol wants that attendance at public events should only be possible with digital proof of vaccination. However, the central government in Madrid must agree to this.


Save the date: "Mallorca Magazine Golf Cup - powered by Minkner & Partner" - 25th September 2021, Golf de Andratx


For the friends of golf, it is important to reserve an important date: On 25.09.2021, the traditional golf tournament "Mallorca Magazin Golfcup - powered by Minkner & Partner" will take place at the Golf de Andratx course. As always, there will be halfway catering, buffet with award ceremony and tombola. The fee is 135 €. Registrations: info@golfdeandratx.com; Tel. +34 971 236 280

2. Mallorca - Construction / Investment


Palma: City council invests 4 million euros in Palma's parks


Palma's parks will become more beautiful. Over the next eight months, the city council is investing 4 million euros in the renovation of around 60 of Palma's parks. Investments will not only be made in lawns and plantings, but also in paths and furniture such as park benches and tables. Children's playgrounds are also to be built in the Bellver and Son Cotoner parks. Urban artists have also been considered: A wall is being built in Parc Sa Riera, which graffiti artists will be allowed to spray.



Palma: Michael O`Leary`s (Ryanair) city palace "Can Armengol" close to completion


In Carrer Sant Jaume, in the heart of the old town, specialists from all trades are currently finishing the 16th-century city palace "Can Armengol" bought in 2018 by Ryanair boss Michael O`Leary - not named after the current prime minister, but after the first owners Llabrés de Armengol (a purchase price of between 12 and 14 million euros plus several million for renovation costs is being talked about). Inside, it is not as cramped as in Ryanair planes, rather the palace has a living space of 2,837 sqm, several salons, three inner courtyards and a palm garden. The first removal vans with furniture and decorations from the posh Parisian luxury interior shop Pierre Agustin Rose have already been spotted by attentive neighbours. It is not yet known when O`Leary will move into the palace.


Sóller: New car park with 402 spaces to solve parking problems in Sóller


At a cost of 3.7 million euros, a two-storey car park with 402 parking spaces is to be built in Sóller and prevent the endless search for a parking space in the town. The multi-storey car park is to be built on Carrer de Cetre and connected to Gran Vía in the town centre via a footpath, so that tourists in particular can easily explore the centre of Sóller from there. Charging facilities for electric vehicles are also planned in the car park.

3. Mallorca – Economy


Companies: The dying of the companies in Spain is over - 99,478 new start-ups in the last 12 months


Spain's economy is recovering. In particular, the great company death seems to have ended. In the last 12 months, there were 99,478 start-ups in Spain. In almost all autonomous regions of Spain, there was a strong increase in new business start-ups not only compared to the pandemic year 2020, but also compared to 2019. In some cases, the increases were in the double-digit percentage range. This trend will continue in 2021: In Q2 2021, there was an increase in new business start-ups of 28,594, which is 119.7% compared to the same quarter of the previous year.


Balearic Islands labour market: Slight easing - currently 562,000 employees


The labour market of the Balearic Islands shows a slight easing due to the development of tourism. Currently there are 562,000 people employed in the Balearic Islands, which is 60,300 people or 12% more than in the 1st quarter of the year. Because of the dependence on tourism, the figures are still fragile and depend on the development of the pandemic and the international travel regulations.


Tourism I: Branch pleased with figures in July 2021


The tourism industry recorded consistently good figures for the travel month of July 2021. Almost 80% of the island's hotels were well booked, which was particularly pleasing for the almost 200,000 people who work in tourism on the island. Mainly German, but also British guests showed an unbroken desire to travel. According to hotel records, most of the guests had been vaccinated. It is not yet possible to say whether and what effects the classification of the Balearic Islands as a high-risk area will have. Since most of the guests have been vaccinated, the upgrading will not be a reason for adults without children to forego their trip to Mallorca, as no quarantine is planned for them on their return to Germany. This is different for travellers with children, as the children must complete a 5-day quarantine upon return. This will often not be compatible with the parents' holiday dates or school holidays.


Tourism II: 30,000 cruise passengers expected in Palma in August


According to the Balearic Port Authority, cruise tourism is slowly picking up again. In August 2021, a total of 24 cruise ships with 30,000 passengers on board are expected. Among them are the "Aida", "mein Schiff", "Costa Smeralda", "MS Europa" and the "Harmony". So far, 27 cruise ships have been registered for September 2021. Due to Covid, the number of passengers is limited to 50% of the usual capacity.



Traffic I: Tourists prefer to take taxis rather than buses because of Covid19


Mallorca's taxi companies, like many others, suffered heavy losses in turnover during the pandemic. With the resurgence of tourism, the companies have to rearm. The taxi fleets are now operating at 100%; the drivers' shifts have been increased from 12.5 to 16 hours. The reason is plausible: many tourists avoid public transport because of the perceived risk of infection and prefer to use a taxi to explore the island or visit restaurants.


Traffic II: Eurowings – new hand luggage rules in the basic fare


(Almost) nothing goes on Eurowings in the basic fare after the airline changed its hand luggage rules from August 31, 2021. In future, you will only be able to take "small hand luggage" on board in this fare class, namely a laptop bag or a medium-sized handbag. The maximum dimensions of this hand luggage are 40x30x25 cm.


Traffic III: German government has supported the airline CONDOR with 525.3 million euros


The airline CONDOR is steering out of the crisis. Not under its own steam, but with the full support of the German government. The company received a total of 525.3 million euros. 204.1 million euros as compensation for the losses from the Covid pandemic and 321.2 million euros to restructure the ailing airline.

4. Mallorca - Law, taxes, and finances


Tax increase: The new "market reference value" will lead to tax increases as of 2022


With the Law of July 9, 2021 (11/2021) on the Prevention and Combating of Tax Fraud, the legislator has created opportunities for the treasury to increase taxes in various types of taxes involving the assessment of the value of real estate. Affected are income tax, capital gains, wealth and inheritance tax, gifts and real estate transfers. The hitch is the determination of a new tax assessment basis for real estate by means of a "market reference value". How exactly this is to be determined has not yet been decided. Among other things, the real estate sales reported by the notaries to the tax authorities are to be compared and constantly updated. This reference value is then to be decisive for taxation, regardless of what the parties have agreed. So, if a buyer has made a bargain when buying a property, it will then be the case that the tax authorities will take the higher market reference value as the basis for taxation. This will again provide work for the European Court of Justice.


Energy Performance Certificate: New Regulations under Royal Decree 390/2021 of June 01, 2021


The regulations on the energy efficiency certificate - commonly called the energy certificate - from 2013 have been partially revised by Royal Decree 390/2021 of June 1, 2021. According to the new regulation, the energy performance certificate must not only be provided to the buyer, but must be attached to the purchase deed. The same procedure must be followed in the case of a tenancy agreement. If the energy certificate has the efficiency level G, the certificate is no longer valid for 10 years, but only for 5. The energy expert issuing the certificate must have personally visited the property at least once, and the visit must take place no more than 3 months before the energy certificate is issued.


Illegal holiday rentals: business is booming - "where there's no plaintiff, there's no judge"


Tourism is starting up again, and you can already see tourists pushing suitcases through Palma's old town, heading for their - mostly illegal - holiday accommodation. Private owners continue to rent illegally and offer their accommodation on holiday rental portals. The sanctions provided for by law do not seem to have a deterrent effect. Fines amounting to 4 million euros were imposed from 2018 to 2020. However, many could not be recovered, others were cancelled by the court. The tourism authority has employed 23 inspectors who play a cat-and-mouse game with the private landlords.


Lutz Minkner - The book is in German - Der Immobilien-Ratgeber SPANIEN – Alles über Recht und Steuern "The Real Estate Guide -SPAIN - Everything about Law and Taxes”, 4th Edition 2020, available from May 2020 (!), 237 pages, ISBN: 978-3-96004-063-7, 29.95 €



The law is in a constant state of change, Spanish real estate and tax law is one of them. New laws and regulations, new court decisions interpreting the laws, interventions by the European Court of Justice and a contract design that adapts to the market requirements - you too will find a lot of things "Spanish" when buying property here in Spain? Lutz Minkner has in his "Real Estate Advisor SPAIN everything about law and taxes" answered questions about Mallorcan property cases, very clearly and with many examples presented, taking into account laws and jurisprudence until May 2020. The author, who has been a lawyer and entrepreneur for over 45 years, can draw from the full extent of his knowledge, as he is a board member of one of the leading real estate companies on Mallorca. You will find a table of contents, sample read and the link to order your copy here:


Der Immobilien-Ratgeber Spanien - Alles über Recht und Steuern

5. Galería de Arte Minkner


Due to the uncertain situation, we have postponed the final planning of our event and exhibition calendar for 2021 for now.


01.07. – 31.08 2021, “Summertime” – Gallery artists



"Summertime" is the title of the collective exhibition at Galeria de Arte Minkner, which will be on until 31.08.2021. After the pandemic, lockdown and severe restrictions on moving around outdoors, the joy of life has taken hold again on Mallorca. The artists in the gallery express their summer feeling: Dagmar Adamski with her sensitive flower arrangements; cheekily and in the best pop manner, Johannes paints the most beautiful flower meadows; the ice cream sundae by pop artist Herman Reichold (Herman in short) makes you want to gobble it up immediately, and looking at the beach scenes by Otto Quirin you yearn for sun and sea.


Galeria de Arte Minkner, Avda. Rey Jaime I, 109 - 07180 Santa Ponsa, Tel. +34 971 695 255

Exhibition duration: 01.07.2021 – 31.08.2021, opening hours: Mon - Fri. 10.00h - 18.30h

6. Events and tips


August 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2021: Chopin Festival in the charterhouse of Valldemossa


On the four coming Sundays in August, you should not miss the four concerts of the Chopin Festival in Valldemossa. On August 8, violinist Vasko Vassilev and pianist Miquel Estelrich will perform Chopin works for violin and piano. On August 15, there will be an open-air concert by pianist Claudio Constantini. And finally, there are concert evenings with Nikolay Khozyainov and Francois Dumont on August 22 and 29. August 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2021: Chopin Festival in the charterhouse of Valldemossa, Plaça Cartoixa, 07170 Valldemossa, Start: 10.00 pm, tickets 10, 20 and 30 € via the portal: www.ticketib.com. The Covid guidelines of the Ministry of Health will be respected.


August 15, 2021: FRESH – Soul & Motown at the pool of the cultural finca Son Bauló, Lloret de Vistalegre


Rhythm & Blues, Rock & more a la Joe Cocker, Blues Brothers and others await the guests of the cultural finca Son Bauló on August 15, 2021. The organiser: "The party is on: guaranteed to be a blast - terrific. Get the party started. The strongest musicians on the island unite for a session.” Band: Elon Bivins - vocals + bass, Patti Balinas - drums, Günther Moll - guitar, Jürgen Modrow - vocals 15.08.2021, FRESH – Soul & Motown at the pool of the cultural finca Son Bauló, 5.00 pm at the pool, 7.00 pm music show 18 €, afterwards 3-course wok-menu 22 €, reservations +34 971 524 206, www.son-baulo.com.


August 21, 2021, Manfred Kullmann Trio at the cultural finca Son Bauló, Lloret de Vistalegre


The very best jazz musicians on the island are gathered at the cultural finca Son Bauló on August 21, 2021: The Manfred Kullmann Trio with Manfred Kullmann, Wojtek Sobolewski and Pep Lluis García. They play the most successful titles of the jazz & blues literature. August 21, 2021, Manfred Kullmann Trio at the cultural finca Son Bauló, 8 pm concert 18 €, breaks: 3-course wok-menu in 2 parts 22 €, reservations +34 971 524 206, www.son-baulo.com.

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