New column by Lutz Minkner in the Inselzeitung No. 7/2021, p. 38 "Nothing learned: Armengol destroys jobs"


In wise foresight, the German Federal Minister of Health, Spahn, said that in looking back on the pandemic and the decisions of the Federal Government, "we will have to apologise to many people". This insight has not yet taken hold in the Balearic regional government and Prime Minister Armengol. Without regard for the constitutionally guaranteed protection of property, she is destroying thousands of jobs at Playa de Palma, among other places. Lutz Minkner has published a column on this in German in the latest issue of INSELZEITUNG. "Nichts gelernt: Armengol vernichtet Arbeitsplätze"


Mallorca's most beautiful villages - a short tour of Mallorca with photographer Constantin Rahmfeld


On his tours of our unique island for Minkner & Partner, photographer Constantin Rahmfeld has put together a selection of Mallorca's most beautiful villages. Accompany him virtually to the villages of Artá, Banyalbufar, Cala Figuera, Deià, Fornalutx, Galilea, Porto Colom, Sóller, and Valldemossa and learn something new about the history and present of these charming villages: Fotograf Constantin Rahmfeld zeigt „die schönsten Dörfer Mallorcas

2. Mallorca - Construction / Investment


Palma/Son Armadans: Art lover fights against small-minded city council


A farce that fits in well with the image of the small-minded, left-wing city administration is currently stirring things up in Palma's Son Armadans district: hotelier Jaime España had commissioned the renowned artist José Luis Mesas to paint his hotel "Son Artmadams" with figures inspired by comic art and naïve painting. At the same time, he set up an art gallery in his hotel to offer young local artists an exhibition opportunity and at the same time make the district more attractive. But España didn't reckon with the city council, which doesn't want to approve the façade design because it doesn't comply with the regulations and "doesn't fit into the cityscape".



Palma: Hotel Concepció by Nobis opened in Palma's city centre


The Swedish "Nobis Hospitality Group" has just opened a luxury boutique hotel in Palma, "Hotel Concepció by Nobis". Located in a historic, restored building on the popular Jaime III shopping street, the hotel offers 31 rooms and suites with inviting terraces and a swimming pool. And of course, the hotel wants to spoil guests and visitors from outside with a new restaurant: It is called "Xalest" - More

3. Mallorca – Economy


Traffic I: Despite rising incidence figures, no decline in air traffic


Despite the rising incidence figures (thousands of mainland immature people who had just passed their school-leaving exams had been flown to Mallorca at the end of June to party here and had blithely infected each other), this development has so far had no effect on the booking behaviour of other Mallorca holidaymakers. This was reported unanimously by representatives of Schauland-Reisen, DER Touristik and the German Travel Association (DRV). Short-term bookings were even increasing at the moment because "people wanted to make up for the cancelled holiday in 2020".


Traffic II: Mallorca's cruise tourism is slow to take off


After a 15-month Covid break, the "Mein Schiff 2" was the first cruise ship to anchor off Mallorca in June 2021. This was followed on 06.07.2021 by the "Costa Smeralda", which advertises that it is the first cruise ship in the fleet to be equipped with environmentally friendly LNG propulsion. For the month of June 2021, 15 international cruise ships have reported arriving in Palma (in 2019 there were 78 ships in the same period). In August, there are expected to be 23 cruise ships.


Meanwhile, the Balearic government is looking for future plans for cruise tourism. In the record year of 2018, 594 cruise ships docked in Palma. Due to the size of the ships, 2.2 million cruise passengers ultimately visited Mallorca in 2019. In addition to the numerous environmental problems, there were always complaints that too many ships docked in one day, causing congestion in and around Palma. Legally, the government sees no possibility to cap cruise tourism. Therefore, talks are being held with the Cruise Lines International Association CLIA to prevent several cruise ships from anchoring in Palma at the same time. Another problem: Palma's harbour was developed especially for cruise tourism at a cost of millions, especially the Dic del Oest. Here, possible claims for damages by investors are under discussion.


Traffic III: Italian shipping companies Grimaldi and GNV open lines between the islands and the Spanish mainland


The competition between the international shipping companies and the ferry connections between the Balearic Islands and the mainland has begun. The Italian shipping companies Grimaldi and GNV have just started ferry services. They offer daily connections between Barcelona-Mallorca and Valencia-Mallorca as well as Mallorca-Ibiza. The ferries "GNV Bridge" (1,000 passengers) and the "GNV Sealand" (880 passengers and 195 vehicles) are available. Grimaldi has also recently taken over the fleet of Transmediterránea. Other competitors are currently the German shipping company FRS and the French Corsica Ferries.

4. Mallorca - Law, taxes, and finances


Lutz Minkner - The book is in German - Der Immobilien-Ratgeber SPANIEN – Alles über Recht und Steuern "The Real Estate Guide -SPAIN - Everything about Law and Taxes”, 4th Edition 2020, available from May 2020 (!), 237 pages, ISBN: 978-3-96004-063-7, 29.95 €



The law is in a constant state of change, Spanish real estate and tax law is one of them. New laws and regulations, new court decisions interpreting the laws, interventions by the European Court of Justice and a contract design that adapts to the market requirements - you too will find a lot of things "Spanish" when buying property here in Spain? Lutz Minkner has in his "Real Estate Advisor SPAIN everything about law and taxes" answered questions about Mallorcan property cases, very clearly and with many examples presented, taking into account laws and jurisprudence until May 2020. The author, who has been a lawyer and entrepreneur for over 45 years, can draw from the full extent of his knowledge, as he is a board member of one of the leading real estate companies on Mallorca. You will find a table of contents, sample read and the link to order your copy here:


Der Immobilien-Ratgeber Spanien - Alles über Recht und Steuern

5. Galería de Arte Minkner


Due to the uncertain situation, we have postponed the final planning of our event and exhibition calendar for 2021 for now.


01.07. – 31.08 2021, “Summertime” – Gallery artists



"Summertime" is the title of the collective exhibition at Galeria de Arte Minkner, which will be on until 31.08.2021. After the pandemic, lockdown and severe restrictions on moving around outdoors, the joy of life has taken hold again on Mallorca. The artists in the gallery express their summer feeling: Dagmar Adamski with her sensitive flower arrangements; cheekily and in the best pop manner, Johannes paints the most beautiful flower meadows; the ice cream sundae by pop artist Herman Reichold (Herman in short) makes you want to gobble it up immediately, and looking at the beach scenes by Otto Quirin you yearn for sun and sea.


Galeria de Arte Minkner, Avda. Rey Jaime I, 109 - 07180 Santa Ponsa, Tel. +34 971 695 255

Exhibition duration: 01.07.2021 – 31.08.2021, opening hours: Mon - Fri. 10.00h - 18.30h

6. Events and tips


July 1st to August 19th 2021, “The Sunset Market” in Puerto Portal


Every Wednesday and Thursday from 6 pm to midnight, the traditional "The Sunset Market - Puerto Portals" will take place in Puerto Portals from July 1st 2021 to August 19th 2021. Local vendors will be exhibiting fashion, decoration and agricultural products from the island at 20 stalls. There will also be numerous live concerts, including Honolili Music, Hot Hit, The Slabs, Monkey Doo, Los Peligrosos Gentlemen, Lost in Translation and Julia Eme. There will also be an art exhibition and the island's rich culinary offerings.


July 11th 2021, Axel Zwingenberger BoogieWoogie at the cultural finca Son Bauló


On 11.07.2021 Axel Zwingenberger will perform at the cultural finca Son Bauló in Lloret de Vistalegre. From the announcement: "All over the world: BoogieWoogie is his world - BoogieWoogie is Axel Zwingenberger. Around the globe the No. 1 on the BoogieWoogie-Blues piano". 11.07.2021, Axel Zwingenberger with BoogieWoogie at the cultural finca Son Bauló, 6 pm concert 18 €, followed by a 3-course WOK menu 22 €. Reservations +34 971 524 206,


July 17th 2021, The Trio Desibrothers at the cultural finca Son Bauló, Lloret de Vistalegre


Big names from Mallorca's music scene have joined forces to form the trio Desibrothers (Desirée Duran - voice, Dani Roth - piano, guitar, Wojtec Sobomlewski - bass) and present the best of soul, jazz, indie and more on July 17th 2021 at the cultural finca Son Bauló. 17.07.2021, The Trio Desibrothers at the cultural finca Son Bauló, 7 pm concert 18 €, followed by a 3-course WOK menu 22 €, Reservations + 34 971 524 206,


July 18th 2021, Will-Willi-Day – Music, text and Fun at the cultural finca Son Bauló


Always entertaining and inspiring: the "Will-Willi-Days" at the cultural finca Son Bauló in Lloret de Vistalegre. On the 18th of July, the time has come again: Willi Meyer and Will Kaufmann read entertaining texts, talk about the world and Willi plays gripping songs to rock along and dream along. Other guests: Richard Vinton - piano, Soriana Ivaniv - violin, Steve Bergendy – bass and Pep Louis García – drums. 18.07.2021, Will-Willi-Day at the cultural finca Son Bauló, 6:30 pm Entertainment 18 €, followed by a 3-course WOK menu 22 €. Reservations: + 34 971 524 206,


July 23rd 2021, BREAK FREE – Queen Tribute, Auditorium/Palma


"The World`s Best Queen Tribute Band" is back on tour and will perform the best songs of Queen, the group that repeatedly topped the charts for two decades, on 23.07.2021. „We are the champions“, „I want to break free“, „We will rock you” and die “Bohemian Rhapsody” were the most important songs of the 70s and 80s. 23.07.2021, 9 pm, Break Free – Queen Tribute Concert, Auditorium Palma, Tickets 45 €, Auditorium Palma +34 971 734 735,


August 1st 2021 Falla, Grieg, Bach and Casado with the Duo Bleuse at the Hotel Ca’n Bonico – Ses Salines


The "Duo Bleuse" - Emmanuel Bleuse - cello and Mariam Picker-Bleuse - piano will give a concert on 01.08.2021 at the Hotel Ca`n Bonico in Ses Salines. The programme includes J. S. Bach (Suite No. 1 for cello solo), L. v. Beethoven (7 variations of "Männer, welche die Liebe fühlen" for piano and cello) and E. Grieg (Sonata for piano and cello in A minor op. 36. 01.08.2021, 7 pm concert evening at the Hotel Ca`n Bonico, Plaza Sant Bartomeu, 8 - 07640 Ses Salines, tickets 25 €, for students 10 € at the door one hour before the concert starts - pre-booking via phone Ca‘n Bonico - Tel. +34 971 64 90 22 or via WhatsApp+34 695 266 179 or E-Mail  

7. Legal Notice


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