As of tomorrow (26.06.2021), masks will not be compulsory outdoors in Mallorca.


People in Mallorca are no longer obliged to wear a mask outdoors as of tomorrow (26.06.2021). The Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez justified this order by saying that the vaccination campaign was going very well and that "the fun of life should come back". The Spanish decision came very late, namely only after the mask obligation had been lifted in most European states (including Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Portugal, Ireland).


However, the German government is maintaining the compulsory test, at least for the time of the summer holidays, which means that people entering Germany must first undergo a Covid antigen test. Healthy people and those who have been vaccinated twice are exempt from the test obligation.


Visit our Mallorca travel guide in our Mallorca section at


Mallorca has awoken from its enforced winter sleep. And the many opportunities for leisure and sport are also open again for the island's guests. We have set up the windows "Leisure Fun", "Water Sports", "Mallorca from the Air", "Land Sports" and "SPA" on our Mallorca page, where we show you what leisure and sports activities Mallorca has to offer. Take a look: “Mallorca – a paradise in the Mediterranean

2. Mallorca - Construction / Investment


Palma: "Son Hugo" swimming centre in new splendour and energy efficient


The Son Hugo swimming centre in Palma was completely renovated at a cost of 3.5 million euros and has now been opened to the public. The new swimming pool scores with 2 50 m pools, one indoors, one outdoors. It can be used by private recreational athletes as well as by clubs and professional athletes. Son Hugo also has a convincing energy balance: electricity is supplied by 370 photovoltaic panels on the roof. The outdoor swimming pool is heated with biomass and geothermal energy. This saves 469 tonnes of CO2.


Formentor: Four Seasons Group expands SPA areas and reduces number of suites


In the approval process for the renovation of the Hotel Formentor, scrupulous care is to be taken to ensure that there is no expansion of the number of hotel rooms. However, about 1,000 sqm of space will be added in the outdoor areas, which will be used for a SPA, several pools, a yoga area and a fitness centre. In figures, this expansion amounts to 5.65%. In return, the Four Seasons Group is reducing the number of suites from 127 to 110.


Puigpunyent: Eco country hotel "LJs Ratxó" opened on the "Arratxa" estate


Sustainability is particularly in vogue in tourism. The newly opened eco-hotel LJsRatxó near Puigpunyent has also committed itself to this: No disposable plastic, LED lamps, no central air conditioning, use of products from the island. The hotel was built on the estate "Arratxa" with an investment volume of 2.6 million euros. The country hotel has 25 rooms - all with a small garden or terrace. Several restaurants and a pool are available to the guests.

3. Mallorca – Economy


Direct aids: 855 million euros are available as direct aids


The Balearic government promises boastfully that "there is enough money for everyone". Since the 14.06.2021, the authorities have already received 1,500 applications for direct aid for businesses and the self-employed. Eligible are enterprises and self-employed persons who had verifiable turnover losses of at least 30% due to the pandemic. The government expects 18,000 eligible companies and 17,000 self-employed persons. The aid can range from € 3,000 to € 500,000. The start of payments is indicated for July 2021. For information by phone, there is the hotline: +34 971 678 444.


Tourism I: TUI Executive Board: "Every second traveller is currently booking Majorca"


Sebastian Ebel, TUI CFO, is impressed by how well bookings for Mallorca are going this summer: "Every second traveller is currently booking Mallorca. In the industry we talk about the ketchup-bottle effect: first nothing comes, then you hit the bottom of the bottle and suddenly a lot comes all at once". The Mallorca customers are mainly booking high-class and longer stays. The main reason is that the German government announced the end of travel restrictions for the EU and many other countries on 1st of July. People can now book and fly with a clear conscience.


Tourism II: About 60% of Mallorca hotels are already open


The numbers are increasing weekly: The hotel association FEHM, to which most of the Mallorca hotels belong, reports that 524 of the approximately 1,000 hotel accommodations, i.e. 63.3%, are open so far. If one adds the hotels that do not belong to the association, about 70% of Mallorca hotels should be open. The hotels that mainly cater to British guests still have problems. Due to the British Covid restrictions, most of these hotels are still closed.



Tourism III: on 15.06.2021 "Mein Schiff 2" docked in Palma after a 15-month break


After a 15-month break, TUI's Mein Schiff 2 was the first cruise ship to dock in Palma's port on 15 June 2021. Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela even turned up for the inaugural visit. "Mein Schiff 2" will then sail on to the Western Mediterranean with stops in Alicante, Valencia and Málaga. Every passenger, including vaccinated passengers, must be double-tested. The usual hygiene rules apply on board. During shore excursions, passengers are in a "bubble" and are not allowed to mix with other passengers.


Tourism IV: Britons slow down due to delta mutation in the UK


British tour operators are still very hesitant in their booking behaviour, as the British government has not lifted the Covid restrictions on 24th of June 2021 - as announced - but will probably do so one month later. The reason given for this is the number of infections with the highly contagious Indian delta mutation. Mallorca will therefore have to wait until the end of July 2021 before hosting guests from Great Britain.


Meanwhile, it has been revealed that leading airlines such as Ryanair, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are planning to sue the UK government for still not allowing its citizens to travel to non-risk areas such as Mallorca, as anyone travelling to Mallorca has to go into quarantine on return to the UK.


Traffic I: Eurowings to operate 81 Airbus 320 aircrafts


The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings will resume full flight operations in summer 2021. All 81 Airbus 320 aircraft will be in operation again - to Mallorca as well as on domestic German and European routes. The planes are already well utilised. However, there will be no price dumping. The "standard prices" are to start at € 39 per route.


Traffic II: Lufthansa to serve Mallorca with jumbo jets in summer


Due to the great demand, Lufthansa announces that it will also be using jumbo jets for the routes to Mallorca this summer, namely a Boeing 747-8 and an Airbus A 350. The Boeing 747-8 is the largest aircraft that Lufthansa has in service. It has 364 seats - 88 seats in Business Class including First Class and 276 seats in Economy Class including Premium Economy. The Airbus 350 is described as the most sustainable aircraft. The Airbus consumes 20% less fuel and is very quiet.

4. Mallorca - Law, taxes, and finances


Statistics on court cases with sad results as a result of the pandemic


The Spanish General Council of Justice (Consejo General del Poder Judicial) regularly publishes statistics on the number of cases brought to court in the various sectors. For the 1st quarter of 2021, the new statistics are now available, the devastating results of which show the picture of the Spanish economy as a result of the pandemic.


The strongest increase in court proceedings can be seen in consumer insolvencies. These rose from 1,568 to 2,531 from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021. The total number of business insolvencies opened in Q1 rose to 4,925, 40.3% higher than Q1 2020. Mortgage foreclosures rose by 8.7% and eviction actions in tenancy cases rose by 17.8%. Judicial mortgage foreclosures increased by 56.3% to 7,280 proceedings. The number of judicial evictions increased by 13.4% to 10,961 proceedings. Employment protection actions increased from 30,597 in Q1 2020 to 34,461 in Q1 2021. The increase still appears moderate, but can be explained by the Spanish system of short-time work. Judicial dunning proceedings increased by 22.8% to 205,212.


Lutz Minkner - The book is in German - Der Immobilien-Ratgeber SPANIEN – Alles über Recht und Steuern "The Real Estate Guide -SPAIN - Everything about Law and Taxes”, 4th Edition 2020, available from May 2020 (!), 237 pages, ISBN: 978-3-96004-063-7, 29.95 €



The law is in a constant state of change, Spanish real estate and tax law is one of them. New laws and regulations, new court decisions interpreting the laws, interventions by the European Court of Justice and a contract design that adapts to the market requirements - you too will find a lot of things "Spanish" when buying property here in Spain? Lutz Minkner has in his "Real Estate Advisor SPAIN everything about law and taxes" answered questions about Mallorcan property cases, very clearly and with many examples presented, taking into account laws and jurisprudence until May 2020. The author, who has been a lawyer and entrepreneur for over 45 years, can draw from the full extent of his knowledge, as he is a board member of one of the leading real estate companies on Mallorca. You will find a table of contents, sample read and the link to order your copy here:


Der Immobilien-Ratgeber Spanien - Alles über Recht und Steuern

5. Galería de Arte Minkner


Due to the uncertain situation, we have postponed the final planning of our event and exhibition calendar for 2021 for now.


01.04. - 30.06.2021, “Contemporaries - Themes and Scenarios of the Present”

The exhibition “Contemporaries” has been extended until June 30, 2021



Galeria de Arte Minkner is titling its new exhibition “Contemporaries - Themes and Scenarios of the Present”. Contemporary art of the present is commonly referred to as “contemporary”. Contemporary art thus includes a broad spectrum of artistic style, techniques used, materials processed and concept. From the gallery's collection, we present contemporary works by the following artists: Elvira Bach, Joseph Beuys, Jan Peter van Opheusden, A.R. Penck, Paul Quick, Mike Steiner, Antoni Tapiès and Peter Thoms.


Galeria de Arte Minkner, Avda. Rey Jaime I, 109 - 07180 Santa Ponsa, Tel. +34 971 695 255

Exhibition duration: 01.04.2021 – 30.06.2021, opening hours: Mon - Fri. 10.00h - 18.30h


01.07. – 31.08 2021, “Summertime” – Gallery artists



"Summertime" is the title of the collective exhibition at Galeria de Arte Minkner, which will be on until 31.08.2021. After the pandemic, lockdown and severe restrictions on moving around outdoors, the joy of life has taken hold again on Mallorca. The artists in the gallery express their summer feeling: Dagmar Adamski with her sensitive flower arrangements; cheekily and in the best pop manner, Johannes paints the most beautiful flower meadows; the ice cream sundae by pop artist Herman Reichold (Herman in short) makes you want to gobble it up immediately, and looking at the beach scenes by Otto Quirin you yearn for sun and sea.


Galeria de Arte Minkner, Avda. Rey Jaime I, 109 - 07180 Santa Ponsa, Tel. +34 971 695 255

Exhibition duration: 01.07.2021 – 31.08.2021, opening hours: Mon - Fri. 10.00h - 18.30h

6. Events and tips


3rd of July 2021, “The Beatles Tribute”, The Mersey Beatles from Liverpool, Auditorium/Palma


The Mersey Beatles from Liverpool will bring the Beatles Liverpool sound to the Palma Auditorium on 03.07.2021. In replica costumes and contemporary instruments, they will perform 40 Beatles songs by John, Paul, George and Ringo as "The Beatles Tribute". "Twist and shout", "Be a Paperback Writer", "Lovely Rita" and "Let it be" are on the programme. 03.07.2021, 9 pm, “The Beatles Tribute” with The Mersey Beatles from Liverpool at the Auditorium Palma, Tickets Auditorium Palma +34 971 734 735,


4th of July 2021, Haydn and Brahms at the Hotel Ca`n Bonico – Ses Salines


Joan Enric Lluna - clarinet, Nina Heidenreich - violin, Paula Marqués - violin, Sonia Krasnova - viola and Jorge Giménez - cello will entertain concert lovers on 04.07.2021 at Hotel Ca`n Bonito in Ses Salines with J. Haydn`s string quartet op. 76 n. 4 "Sunrise", J.E. Lluna with a solo clarinet piece "Homenaje a Rodrigo" and with Brahms clarinet quintet op. 115 in B minor. 04.07.2021, 7 pm concert evening at the Hotel Ca`n Bonico, Plaza Sant Bartomeu, 8 – 07640 Ses Salines, tickets 25 €, students 10 €, at the door one hour before the concert starts - pre-booking by phone Ca`n Bonico - Tel. +34 971 649 022 or via WhatsApp +34 695 266 179 or via E-Mail


23rd of July 2021, BREAK FREE – Queen Tribute, Auditorium/Palma


"The World`s Best Queen Tribute Band" is back on tour and will perform the best songs of Queen, the group that repeatedly topped the charts for two decades, on 23.07.2021. „We are the champions“, „I want to break free“, „We will rock you” and die “Bohemian Rhapsody” were the most important songs of the 70s and 80s. 23.07.2021, 9 pm, Break Free – Queen Tribute Concert, Auditorium Palma, Tickets 45 €, Auditorium Palma +34 971 734 735,


1st of August 2021 Falla, Grieg, Bach and Casado with the Duo Bleuse at the Hotel Ca’n Bonico – Ses Salines


The "Duo Bleuse" - Emmanuel Bleuse - cello and Mariam Picker-Bleuse - piano will give a concert on 01.08.2021 at the Hotel Ca`n Bonico in Ses Salines. The programme includes J. S. Bach (Suite No. 1 for cello solo), L. v. Beethoven (7 variations of "Männer, welche die Liebe fühlen" for piano and cello) and E. Grieg (Sonata for piano and cello in A minor op. 36. 01.08.2021, 7 pm concert evening at the Hotel Ca`n Bonico, Plaza Sant Bartomeu, 8 - 07640 Ses Salines, tickets 25 €, for students 10 € at the door one hour before the concert starts - pre-booking via phone Ca‘n Bonico - Tel. +34 971 649 022 or via WhatsApp +34 695 266 179 or E-Mail  

7. Legal Notice


The "Newsletter of Minkner & Partner S.L." is published fortnightly. As a client of Minkner & Partner PROFI KONZEPT S.L. you receive it via E-Mail. Responsible in terms of Press Law is Dipl. Jur., Ass. jur. Lutz Minkner, c/o Minkner & Partner S.L., Avda. Rey Jaime I, 109 – ES 07180 Santa Ponsa, Phone: +34 971 695 255,










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