1. News from Minkner & Partner


News from the Lions and “Comida para Todos”


Minkner & Partner is a partner of the Lions Club Palma's campaign “Comida para Todos - Food for All”. Thanks to the contributions of the Lions Club Calvià, La Caixa, Minkner & Partner and many friends from the company's network, it was possible to purchase a new refrigerated truck “Präsentation des neuen Lionsclub-LKW” last year, which is used to take the food collected by the Lions to the distribution points of various charitable organisations. Minkner & Partner wanted to act as a multiplier through its own commitment and convince many business friends to support the Lions' project. The idea fell on extremely fertile ground with the project management company APM Mallorca from Santa Ponsa and their partner families Heider and Frank, who collected € 100,000 with their own company and from among their business friends and made it available to the Lions for their project. A great contribution and sincere thanks.


And so, the Lions were able to present a unique aid balance sheet also in March 2021: In the first quarter, 72,000 kilograms of fruit and vegetables were distributed to the needy in cooperation with the supermarket chain LIDL. This meant that around 8,000 people in need of help were reached. If you also want to support the Lions' campaign “Comida para Todos”, here is the number of the donation account: Lions Club Palma de Mallorca, Comida para Todos, Bank - La Caixa, IBAN ES62 2100 4379 6302 0005 0026. More details: www.lionsclubpalma.com.


Gastronomy and Covid rules


Even with a high school diploma, residents and guests of the island find it difficult to internalise the constantly changing regulations and rules of conduct. Until probably May 9, 2021 (end of the state of alert), the following applies to visiting restaurants: The interiors of the restaurants will remain closed. Service is only allowed on the outdoor terraces, but there now at 100% of the tables. The restaurant owners are allowed to serve guests until 5.00 p.m. every day of the week and from 8.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Monday to Thursday. Only 4 people are allowed to sit at a table, but - unlike before - they do not have to come from two households, but can also come from friends and acquaintances. The general closing time is from 13.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. every day. You can find out more about this  here: “Mallorca: Essen und Trinken – Restaurantterrassen geöffnet

2. Mallorca - Construction / Investment


Balearic Islands: Government wants to build 1,118 social housing units in two years


Finally, the political leaders seem to have understood: The housing shortage on the Balearic Islands cannot be counteracted with unconstitutional measures such as rent caps and forced management, but only by building social housing. PM Armengol has now presented a programme for the construction of social housing: In the next two years, 1,118 social housing units are to be built on the Balearic Islands. So far there are 1,806 social housing units, so that in two years about 3,000 social housing units can be offered to socially disadvantaged tenants.


Palma: 3,150 homes to be refurbished with EU funds in Palma's problem neighbourhoods


Neglected for years, Palma's problem districts Son Gotleu, Can Capes, La Soledad and Nou Llevant, which are characterised by drug and clan crime, are now to be redeveloped. The project involves a total of 3,150 residences and thus a third of the housing stock in these neighbourhoods, where about 30,000 people live in 1,824 buildings. The total investment is estimated at 23 million euros and is to be paid from the EU Covid Fund.


Palma: Living in the former noble brothel “Globo Rojo” in the district Soledad North


The building of the former noble brothel Globo Rojo (later Club Rouge) in Palma's Soledad Nord district is currently being gutted and partially demolished. It is to be converted into an apartment building with two underground parking levels and 15 residential units with 75 to 100 sqm of living space. The brothel hit the headlines in 2007, among other things, when the son of drug baroness Francisca Cortés Picazo started a shootout there because he found the entrance fee too expensive.


Palma: New boutique hotel “Concepció by Nobis” opening soon


In Palma's historic centre on Carrer Concepció, there will soon be a new design boutique hotel named “Concepció by Nobis”, which belongs to the Marriot Group. It was built in a 16th century building that looks back on a varied history as a hospital, olive oil market and soap factory. The exterior façade has been restored in the ancient style. Inside, a mixture of modern and vintage awaits the guest. The 5-star hotel will have 31 rooms, sauna, SPA, fitness, garden and outdoor pool. The investment is stated at € 6.5 million.


Andratx: Boutique hotel “Unic” is about to open


The boutique hotel “Unic” will soon open in the village of Andratx. It is the first hotel in the village, is located on the Avenida Joan Carles I and will have seven rooms for a total of 16 guests. The hotel has been created by converting a small townhouse. The owners and the architect Toni Castell have taken great care not only to restore the façade from the beginning of the 20th century to its former glory, but also to use many old elements in the interior. The owners are currently waiting for “the final papers” from the town hall to be allowed to open the hotel.


Playa de Palma/Arenal: Plaça Major to be redesigned in a pedestrian-friendly way


The Plaça Major in Arenal is to be redesigned in a pedestrian-friendly way and generally beautified at a cost of 1 million euros. A previously asphalted area is to be torn up and replaced by paving stones. Furthermore, cables will be laid underground and the square will be replanted. The work will be put out to tender in May, and the construction work will then be carried out in autumn. The costs will be shared jointly by the Balearic government, the island council and the municipality of Llucmajor.


Andratx and Pollença: The British billionaires “Reuben Brothers” on a shopping spree


The British billionaires "Reuben Brothers" (estimated fortune 18.4 billion euros) are still on a buying spree in Mallorca. According to a press release from the company, the brothers have now bought 1,335 hectares of land in Mallorca, in the municipalities of Artá, Capdepera, Manacor and Calvià, with properties in the first sea line with a coastline of 18 km. Most of the land is "pre-development land", which may not be built on according to current building law. The current purchases are in the municipalities of Pollença and Andratx. The land in the municipality of Andratx is to be 270 ha in size and have a coastline of 3.5 km. It is to be adjacent to the site of the former Trappist monastery La Trapa, which is managed by the environmental protection organisation GOB.

3. Mallorca – Economy


Tourism: Mallorca's first camping site to be built between Port de Pollença and Alcúdia


Friends of camping have repeatedly complained that Mallorca does not yet have a camping site. This could soon change. The municipality of Pollença is planning to establish such a site on the road between Port de Pollença and Alcúdia. The campsite is to have electricity and water connections and is now waiting for the necessary permits from the responsible road traffic office and the coastal protection authority.


Traffic I: Binter Canarias expands Mallorca - Canary Islands flight offer


Since 2019, the airline Binter Canarias has been operating the Mallorca - Canary Islands routes. Now they want to expand their offer: From July 2021, the Canary Islands will be served 5 times a week from Palma. Twice a week there will be flights to Tenerife North Airport, 3 x to Gran Canaria. From April 30, 2021, there are discount offers with flights as of € 34.19.


Traffic II: Grimaldi shipping company buys parts of the ferry company Transmediterránea


The Italian shipping group Grimaldi will buy part of Transmediterránea's fleet and facilities. The purchase of the passenger ferries “Volcán de Teide”, “Ciudad de Palma”, “Ciudad de Granada” and “Ciudad de Mahón” is under discussion. In addition, Grimaldi wants to take over part of the port facilities previously used by Transmediterránea.


Traffic III: Subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles


Good news for those thinking about buying an electric vehicle. The Spanish government wants to subsidise the purchase of electric vehicles with up to € 9,000 per vehicle. A total of € 13.2 billion from EU funds will be made available for this over the next three years. In a first step, € 9.8 million will be available to the Balearic Islands. Delivery vans are to receive a subsidy of € 9,000, privately used cars € 7,000. Car dealers are to provide an additional discount of € 1,000.


Banks: Caixabank to close branches in the Balearic Islands and lay off 358 employees


The bank deaths and bank mergers that started after the economic crisis of 2008/2009 are not over yet. Recently, Bankia and Caixabank merged, making Caixabank the largest Spanish bank. Previously, Bankia had taken over the traditional savings bank of the Balearic Islands, Sa Nostra. In the bank's opinion, the merger of Bankia and Caixabank has made numerous branches superfluous, which are now to be closed. It is not yet known which branches are to fall victim to the axe. What is certain, however, is that 21% of the jobs, or 358 positions, are to be eliminated. Caixabank has already submitted an application for the approval of compulsory redundancies.


Construction industry: Mallorca's construction industry on the upswing


Mallorca's construction industry not only sees a light at the end of the tunnel, but is justifiably hopeful of a solid 2021 financial year. 807 building applications are currently being processed in the building offices, 190 for single-family homes, 551 for flats in apartment buildings. In Q1 2021, this is an increase of 29.1% compared to the same period last year. In this context, the chairman of the Association of Building Contractors, Daniel Tur, points out that the building applications mainly concern apartments and houses in the upper price segment and that this does not solve the problem of the housing shortage in Mallorca.


Agriculture: Only 15% of the products consumed come from the island


About 150,000 hectares of Mallorca is farmland. Of the agricultural products, 32% are vegetables and legumes, 31% are potatoes, 8% are fruit and 6% are cow's milk. In the period 2017 to 2019, the production of food in Mallorca decreased by 7%, which is why the Balearic Islands are increasingly dependent on imports of foreign products. Currently, Balearic agriculture contributes only 15% to the island's supply of locally produced products.

4. Mallorca - Law, taxes, and finances


Lutz Minkner - The book is in German - Der Immobilien-Ratgeber SPANIEN – Alles über Recht und Steuern "The Real Estate Guide -SPAIN - Everything about Law and Taxes”, 4th Edition 2020, available from May 2020 (!), 237 pages, ISBN: 978-3-96004-063-7, 29.95 €



The law is in a constant state of change, Spanish real estate and tax law is one of them. New laws and regulations, new court decisions interpreting the laws, interventions by the European Court of Justice and a contract design that adapts to the market requirements - you too will find a lot of things "Spanish" when buying property here in Spain? Lutz Minkner has in his "Real Estate Advisor SPAIN everything about law and taxes" answered questions about Mallorcan property cases, very clearly and with many examples presented, taking into account laws and jurisprudence until May 2020. The author, who has been a lawyer and entrepreneur for over 45 years, can draw from the full extent of his knowledge, as he is a board member of one of the leading real estate companies on Mallorca. You will find a table of contents, sample read and the link to order your copy here:


Der Immobilien-Ratgeber Spanien - Alles über Recht und Steuern

5. Galería de Arte Minkner


Due to the uncertain situation, we have postponed the final planning of our event and exhibition calendar for 2021 for now.


01.04. - 20.05.2021, “Contemporaries - Themes and Scenarios of the Present”



Galeria de Arte Minkner is titling its new exhibition “Contemporaries - Themes and Scenarios of the Present”. Contemporary art of the present is commonly referred to as “contemporary”. Contemporary art thus includes a broad spectrum of artistic style, techniques used, materials processed and concept. From the gallery's collection, we present contemporary works by the following artists: Elvira Bach, Joseph Beuys, Jan Peter van Opheusden, A.R. Penck, Paul Quick, Mike Steiner, Antoni Tapiès and Peter Thoms.


Galeria de Arte Minkner, Avda. Rey Jaime I, 109 - 07180 Santa Ponsa, Tel. +34 971 695 255

Exhibition duration: 01.04.2021 – 21.05.2021, opening hours: Mon - Fri. 10.00h - 18.30h

6. Events and tips


May 01, 2021, Orlando Dibelo Trio – “This is how tango goes...” at the cultural finca Son Bauló


Orlando Dibelo is one of the greatest masters of the bandoneon from the golden age of tango. With his trio, he creates a very intimate atmosphere that allows you to enjoy this special art. In a music and dance show, the different styles of tango are shown: “Tango is personality - epochal culture - depth – passion”. Let Orlando Dibelo, Soriana Ivaniv, Gernando Rubin and the dancers TyM take you away into the breathtaking world of tango. 01.05.2021, Orlando Dibelo Trio “This is how tango goes...” at the cultural finca Son Bauló in Lloret de Vistalegre, 4.00 p.m. Tango Show € 18, 6.00 p.m. Three-course Wok menu € 22. Reservations +34 971 524 206, www.son-baulo.com.


May 6, 2021, “The 12 Tenors” at the Auditorium, Palma


12 unique voices offer a sensational show on 06.05.2021, accompanied by a light and sound spectacle. The 12 Tenors have been thrilling audiences in Europe and Asia for 11 years. They perform the most famous songs of all time: classical arias, love ballads as well as rock and pop pieces: “Nessun Dorma” by Puccini, “Hallelujah” by Leonhard Cohen, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen as well as the most famous songs by the Beatles and Michael Jackson. 06.05.2021, the 12 Tenors at the Auditorium Palma, start 7 p.m., tickets 39 € - 45 €, Tel. +34 971 734 735, info@auditoriumpalma.com.


May 07 to May 09, 2021, Farmers’ Market in Puerto Portals/Portals Nous


Also, this year the now traditional Farmers´ Market will take place from 30.04. - 02.05.2021 on the harbour promenade of Puerto Portals. Companies from agriculture and trade offer local, fresh and seasonal products such as fruit, vegetables, herbs, food and handicrafts - all 100% from Mallorca. 30.04. - 02.05.2021, Farmers` Market in Puerto Portals, opening hours 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., free entry, all sanitary measures apply to the event.


May 8, 2021, "Will-Willi-Day - Music-Text-Fun" at the cultural finca Son Bauló


All-round musician Willi Meyer, Son Bauló boss Will Kaufmann, Richard Vinton on the piano and Soriana Ivaniv with the violin will give the guests of the cultural finca Son Bauló an entertaining afternoon on 08.05.2021. They will read entertaining texts, chat about the world and Willi Meyer and his “special guests” will play gripping songs to rock and dream along. 08.05.2021: “Will-Willi-Day - Music-Text-Fun” at the cultural finca Son Bauló, Lloret de Vistalegre. 4.00 p.m. Concert € 18, 6.00 p.m. Three-course Wok menu € 22. Reservations +34 971 524 206, www.son-baulo.com.


May 16, 2021, “Paul Gant Quartet at Noon” at the cultural finca Son Bauló


Paul Gant and his quartet (Paul Gant - vocals, Steve Bergendy - bass, Franco Bombelli - piano, Jaume Ginard - drums) will perform at the cultural finca Son Bauló in Lloret de Vistalegre by 16.05.2021. The singer and showmaster has been thrilling audiences for many years on stage and on television, where he transports guests with heart and style to the times of Frank Sinatra with his smoky yet mellow voice. 16.05.2021, Paul Gant Quartet at the cultural finca Son Bauló, 11.00 a.m. Brunch € 22, 1.00 p.m. Paul Gant Show € 18. Reservations +34 971 524 206, www.son-baulo.com.


May 22, 2021, Save the date: MM Spring Cup, Golf Alcanada


On the 22.05.2021, Mallorca Magazin will hold its MM Spring Cup at the Alcanada Golf Course. MM points out that all applicable safety and hygiene rules will be observed. Participation costs € 135 per person. The day begins with a communal breakfast on the clubhouse terrace, where there will also be some starter gifts. Halfway treats are also provided, of course. After the tournament, the Alcanada club gastronomy will serve up and there will be live music followed by the award ceremony with attractive prizes. 22.05.2021, MM Spring Cup at the Alcanada golf course, reservations directly at the golf club: info@golf-alcanada.com or tel. +34 971 549 560.

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